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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Movement in the Glen of Imaal Terriers

Seven Glen of Imaal Terriers were entered and shown at the 130th Westminster Kennel Club Show in NYC. For those not able to attend, the Westminster Kennel Club has provided video clips of each breed's judging. For the Glens, go to

and then click on Glens to see the video. It takes a few minutes for the clip to download so be patient. You can freeze frames to see the movements better of each Glen. It is not perfect but is the next best thing to being there.


Anonymous Bodger said...

Although something of a fan of blogs, I have never before posted a comment. So this is by way of a test piece.

I am downloading the Westminster video, but as I am on dial-up it has taken an hour and a half to d/l 18 Mb so far, and I am not sure how much more there is.

The quality is great though and the Glens look good.

11:12 AM


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